Business Website

Business website clients require a website where a catalogue of services and or products is accessible by their own customers or potential customers.

Business to business sales increase is a key reason why businesses look for good website design to move their online presence forward. The task is not just to attract potential new business to a well-designed website through high quality SEO, but to ensure that the new business contacts arriving on the website are converted to long term clients using the information and functionality available on the business website.

In addition to attracting new business to the website via beautiful business website design and great web development a business 2 business website has the capability of streamlining business process by providing online abilities to manage customer interactions from simple customer service, through sales all the way to the management of standard back room processes such as invoicing and other documentation.

Business Website Design London Since 1998

Minuco was founded in Camden Town in 1998 and has been providing professional web design and development ever since, our design studios are now based in Bloomsbury central London between Covent Garden and Holborn.