Social Networking Sites

A community or social networking website brings together specialist groups, in its most successful formats like Facebook or MySpace the specialist group sometimes spills out into the general community but the sites still keep their core specialist feel.

Most social networking sites are complex and heavily focused towards mobile and or tablet use, and may require a bespoke web development project. This does not stop smaller start-up projects from using configurable products such as PHPFox which contains many elements of a social networking site such as messaging and timelines, however with all product based implementations you need the right team to set up and configure the social network software. Minuco has the design, development and business experience to understand what is needed to develop a bespoke social network site or configure and design the templates and functionality required to set up social media software.

Social networks can be used to create business social networks or specialist consumer social networks, depending on the business model social networks are funded by user subscriptions or advertising - either method required a key critical mass to be hit to ensure that the social network works - hence why the usability and interface is key to all social network website design.

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Minuco was founded in Camden Town in 1998 and has been providing professional web design and development ever since, our design studios are now based in Bloomsbury central London between Covent Garden and Holborn.