Social Media

Social Media

In todays world Social media strategy has become an integral part of business marketing. Social Media is now being used more and more and their are numerous social media sites vying for our business.

What is Social Media

The definition of social media is; websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Today there are so many social media options out there; each with there own niche, allowing us to spread our business word and communicate our social media news. There are also social media management sites available to help us manage the social media sites.   

Social Media Strategy

Minuco believe that like SEO, it is important to have a Social Media Strategy that is relevant to your business and market place. Social media strategy includes carefully selecting the correct social media sites that can benefit your business. Equally important is the ability to manage and optimize the use of these social media sites. Once you have this balance like SEO it is a case of managing, monitoring and improving.

Minuco have been advising on social media strategy for many years and have continually kept up to date with the developments into how social media today helps website SEO.

We recognise that no two companies start from the same place with social media and Minuco would be happy to discuss your social media questions and strategy with you.

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Minuco was founded in Camden Town in 1998 and has been providing professional web design and development ever since, our design studios are now based in Bloomsbury central London between Covent Garden and Holborn.